Middlesex University has a beautiful modern campus, consisting of several buildings and green spaces centered around a glass-covered Rickett Quadrangle (the Quad). The campus accommodates three faculties: Arts and Creative Industries, Professional and Social Sciences, and Science and Technology, the last of which contains the departments of Mathematics and Computer Science.

Grove atrium
Recent study conducted in the Middlesex campus reveals London is in effect very sunny

Main campus entrance Ritterman building
Main campus entrance
Ritterman's living wall (top); Homo sapiens (bottom)

The Quandrant during the day The Quand during the night
The Quand during the day
The Quand during a night concert

Thanks to the vibrant Art Design department, the campus is constantly featuring (mostly modern) art exhibitions. Moreover, the campus has some picturesque or exotic assets, including a model farmhouse and one of the only three medieval-style "real tennis" courts in UK universities, which can be tried by tennis aficionados. Many of the computer science labs are taught in the Ritterman building, whose design incorporates sustainable technologies such as solar panels, a bio-diverse green roof, and living walls irrigated by rainwater harvesting.

Next to the campus there is the 22-hectares wide Sunny Hill park, a place for discussing science (or simply escaping some conference talks) while enjoying nature and a beautiful hilltop view of the neighborhood.

Restaurants and Bakeries

There are many restaurants, hummus bars and kebab shops located within 5 minutes from the campus. They cover a bewildering variety of cuisines, such as Chinese, Indian, Italian, Japanese, Mexican, Polish, Portugiese and Turkish. Standing out is a very popular sushi restaurant located right next to the university, offering a mind-boggling range of sushi variations (including cooked ones), covering all tastes and diet requirements. At a 10-minute walk (near the Hendon Central station), there is one of the finest (though not fussy or expensive) Indian restaurants the organizers have ever tried. Many more restaurants are in the nearby Golders Green area, which is also home of some well-known Jewish bakeries such as Carmelli.